kingfish sashimi (w/ housemade yuzu-kosho)
seared scallop (w/ konbu butter, finger lime)
pork kakuni (w/ crackling, karashi-su-miso)
eggplant (w/ dashijouyu, nori oil, katsuobushi)
9+ wagyu sukiyaki (w/ onsen tamago)

strawberry compote, matcha pudding, shiratama
mango (fresh, tofu, sorbet), mochi

also visited in march 2013…


Sydney, Australia

  1. Kingfish carpaccio, with sea grapes (umibudo), shiso, pickled ginger, ponzu, chilli
  2. Salmon carpaccio, with salted kelp (shiokonbu), salmon roe, violets, lemon balm, mustard
  3. Scampi carpaccio, with walnut oil, chardonnay vinegar, chives
  4. Scallop carpaccio, with soy brown butter, finger limes, sorrel, dulse
  5. Nasu dengaku, with pickled eggplant, toasted rice, warrigal greens
  6. Hinadori, with black truffle & sesame sauce, pickled daikon, mitsuba

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