Pictured favourites in 2014:

  • Eggs blini (Devon Cafe)
  • Burgers (Mary’s CBD)
  • Raw beef larb (Lao City Thai, also at Khao Pla & Green Peppercorn)
  • Som tum platter (Samosorn / Chat Thai, also at Lao City Thai, E-san Saap, Satang Thai)
  • Ant egg salad (Samosorn)

Other favourites:

  • Beef short rib (LP’s Quality Meats)
  • Bun Bo Hue & pho dac biet (Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam)
  • Cacio e pepe (Buffalo Dining Club)
  • Crab finger sandwich (Rockpool 1989 – Bar)
  • Mezes: taramosalata & ouzo-cured trout (Alpha)
  • Niboshi ramen (Ramen Zundo, also at Ryo’s Noodles)
  • Padron peppers (Movida)
  • Pappy Van Winkle 15-, 20-, 23- year (Shady Pines)
  • Raw dishes: kingfish, steak tartare, scallops (Bentley)
  • Tinned anchovies, fish pate & crackers (Bodega)
  • Whatever’s on the blackboard (Berta)
  • Whatever today’s pasta special is (Baccomatto Osteria)
  • Yukhoe: raw beef (678)
  • Apple-/Cherry-/Pecan-/Mince- pie gelato (Gelato Messina)

Special mention:

  • “Gungnam Spoon” in Hurstville, for their Cold dishes (Chicken in chilli sauce, Beef/Ox in chilli sauce, Pork in chilli sauce…)

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