Kagurazaka Ishikawa


Tokyo, Japan

  1. Hamo (a kind of conger eel), steamed and served with fresh wood-ear mushrooms and apricot sauce.
  2. Ayu (a kind of river fish), deep-fried and served with gingko nuts in a dashi jelly.
  3. Beef, served with winter melon in clear soup.
  4. Tai (sea bream), served sliced.
  5. Abalone, simmered and served with its own liver.
  6. Anago (a kind of sea eel), grilled with cured fish liver, served with onion.
  7. Manganji-togarashi (Kyoto capsicum), sesame tofu, taro and figs.
  8. Suppon (snapping turtle) dumpling in soup, served with Matsutake (Japanese truffles).
  9. Amadai (tilefish) rice. Served with pickles and miso soup.
  10. Grape-infused tea jelly with muscat grapes, pear and coconut.

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