Koryu (Kappo-ryori)

koryu1 - Copy

koryu2 - Copy

Osaka, Japan

  1. Celery with sake
  2. Sea-bream (from Akashi) with onion & myoga ginger
  3. Burdock-root (from Yao) with koshaku pumpkin, pinenuts & dried baby sardines

    Tilefish with Garfish, Katsugi-tuna, Greenling, Whelk
  4. Swimmer-crab with snow fungus, bamboo shoot & mountain vegetables
  5. Genboku shiitake mushroom & Sea cucumber ovary
  6. Wasabi (frozen & grated) & whitebait
  7. Butterfish with Firefly squid, butterbur-sauce & myoga ginger
  8. Beef (from Miyazaki) with dried sardines & wasabi (aged for 1 year)
  9. Rice porridge & pickles
  10. Strawberry (from Ibaraki) & Almond tofu

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