Amefu (Kaiseki-ryori)

Ashiya (Hyogo), Japan

1. Zensai: Udo and Nanohana blossoms with Sea Urchin
2. Zensai: Onion and Octopus salad
4. O-wanmono: Pipis in dashi
5. O-tsukuri: Tuna, Sea bream, Flounder
6a. Agemono: Fried dumpling with Mochi, scallop and prawn (featured)
6b. Agemono: Fried dumpling with Taro and prawn
7. Hassun: Abalone, Octopus, Sea bream roe, Bamboo shoot sushi, “Yahatamaki” (Simmered eel wrapped in burdock)
8. Mushimono: Steamed Bamboo Shoot, Seaweed and Tilefish
9. Yakimono: Grilled Barracuda


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