Sydney, Australia

Winter Menu = Abalone, Black truffle, Blue-eye trevalla, Chestnut mushroom, Chickweed, Cranberry red potatoes, Cuttlefish, “Forgotten vegetables,” Mandarin, Octopus, Passionfruit, Petuna ocean trout, Pork neck, Squab, Spanner crab, Wagyu, Wasabi, Watermelon radish.

+ Canapé: Butterpuff, green olive mascarpone
+ Amuse: Smoked scallop, kohlrabi, carrot jelly

1. “Bespoke winter vegetable garden”
2. Marinated yellowfin tuna, confit octopus, mandarin, white radish
3. Petuna ocean trout, king prawn, pomegranate, Vietnamese dressing
4. Blue-eye trevalla, wasabi leaf, cuttlefish, grilled oyster, cucumber
5. “Forgotten vegetables,” smoked pork jowl, yabby tails, aromas of cedar
6a. Truffle risotto
6b. Glenloth squab, confit wing ravioli, roast chestnuts, truffle jus
7. Blackmore wagyu (9+), Jerusalem artichoke, burnt butter, porter ale

+ Palate cleanser

8. Holy Goat Skyla, rosemary nut crumble, pickled rhubarb
9a. “Winter still life”
9b. Silken lemongrass & lime caramel, passionfruit crunch, vanilla sorbet
+ Petits fours

* Perrier-Jouët, Grand Brut (Epernay)


One Response to “Bécasse”

  1. Saffron Says:

    Excellent photography !!

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