Kamome (Kaiseki-ryori)

Nagoya, Japan

1. Zensai (Appetisers)
a. Edamame soybeans, Cheese spring roll; Cod roe; Sakura prawns
b. Herring roe; Prawn & Conger eel sushi; Bamboo-leaf rice-roll
2. Wanmono: Miso soup with prawn ball, burdock root, bamboo shoot and carrot
3. Tsukuri: Hirame/flounder, Maguro/tuna, Ika/cuttlefish
4. Yakimono: Trout in citrus and miso with vegetables
5. Nimono: Beef stew with potato, shiitake, onion and snowpeas
6. Makimono: Vegetables in seaweed-rolls, crab, bacon
7. Shiizakana: Prawn kara-age, vegetable tempura


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