Kahala (Kappo-ryori)

Osaka, Japan

1. Half-fermented wine with grapes from Osaka
2. Junsai (“water-shield”) with crysanthemum, sourced from Hyogo
3. Appetiser plate:
3a. Corned beef & lime
3b. Whale blubber, mustard & tomato
3c. Duck in coffee & watermelon
3d. Broadbeans & freeze-dried yuzu-pepper
3e. Ayu/sweetfish from Lake Biwa with Angkor pepper
4. Grilled caciocavallo cheese
5. Shark fin, Clams, Asparagus, Tasmanian pepperberries, grated caciocavallo
6. Handmade soba noodles with grated bottarga
7. Abalone & four-cheese fondue
8. Caterpillar fungus in chicken consomme
9. Wild watercress, Tomato from Miyazaki.
10. Hida beef mille-feuille with condiments
11. Fried rice with brown mushroom and pickles
12. Tea
13. Watermelon juice, from Kumamoto
14. Coffee, cognac, fig creme caramel
15. Chai & Mukhwa (candied fennel seeds)


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