Sydney, Australia

2010 2006
· Oysters · Oysters
1. Avocado soup
with Potato icecream & Tonburi
1. Gazpacho
with Yoghurt & Basil sorbet
2. Sashimi of Kingfish
with Blackbean & Orange
2. Tartare of Tuna
on Sushi rice with Avocado
3. Trio:
a. Scampi in Tea with Lemon-oil
b. Scampi with Capsicum
c. Scampi with Frozen egg yolk
3. Trio:
a. Tuna in Soy & Mirin
b. New Zealand Scampi
with Chicken parfait & Walnut
c. Smoked Ocean trout
with Asparagus
4. Confit of Petuna Ocean trout
with Konbu, Celery & Apple
4. Confit of Petuna Ocean trout
with Konbu, Daikon & Fennel
· Green Salad · Green Salad
5. Grilled fillet of Barramundi
with Braised Wood-ear
& Chestnut mushroom
5. Ravioli of Spanner crab
with Tomato & Basil vinaigrette
6. Braised Ox tail
with Sea cucumber & Yuzu citrus
7. Roasted breast of Duck
with Crystal ginger & Lime
6. Grilled breast of Duck
with Braised Witlof & Orange jus
8. Grass-fed Angus beef
with Swiss browns & Porcini
7. Grilled Wagyu beef
with Asian mushrooms & Lime jus
9. Pear sorbet
with Brown butter icecream
8. Beetroot & Blood orange sorbet
9. Strawberry Shortcake
10. Cannellini beans
with Mascarpone & Soy caramel
10. Vanilla bean icecream
with White beans & Dates
11. Lime & Ginger crème brûlée 11. Floating Island
with Praline & Vanilla bean Anglaise
12. Salted sablé
with Lemon-scented leatherwood honey
· Macarons · Chocolate Cake

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