Ryugin (Nihon-ryori)

Tokyo, Japan

  • Spring ‘wakatake’ vegetables w/ Simmered abalone
  • Sea urchin (from Hakodate) w/ Egg custard & Prawn stock jelly
  • Ichiban dashi soup & Grilled greenling fish
  • ‘Sakura snapper’ (from Akashi) w/ Monkfish liver (from Hakodate)
  • Baby spear squid (from Aomori) w/ Sudachi fragrance
  • Thirty (30) seasonal vegetables (each from a different prefecture in Japan)
  • Sea bream & roasted rice, w/ vinegar sauce & pickles
  • 28-day Pigeon (from Ibaraki), grilled over charcoal and straw
  • Rice & tea, w/ Japanese bottarga (mullet roe)
  • Homemade buckwheat noodles w/ yuzu citrus
  • Simmered Strawberry sorbet (strawberry from Aichi)
  • Hot parfait (feat. Yuzu citrus seven [7] ways)

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