Roan Kikunoi (Kyo-ryori)

Kyoto, Japan

  • Shellfish with yuzu citrus and ground radish
    Simmered octopus
    Japanese greens marinated in vinegar with mustard
    Omlette with salmon roe
    Seabream marinated in fermented innards
    Seabream roe cake
  • Seabream and baby Tuna sashimi with fresh water seaweed
  • Tofu skin dumpling in broth
  • Yomogi herb tofu with egg yolk miso
  • Assorted tempura, including prawn and local vegetables
  • Assorted pickles
  • Snowpea soup with namafu gluten
  • “Nukazushi” mixed rice with baby sardine and shijimi clam
  • Mango soup with pistachio icecream

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