Bo Innovation

Hong Kong, China

  1. “Lo hei” (撈起).
  2. Caviar w/ smoked quail egg, crispy taro.
  3. Foie Gras w/ “lap mei” (腊味) terrine, daikon jelly, black truffle.
  4. Red Prawn w/ carabinero, “har mai” (蝦米), gnocchi, chilli, sage.
  5. “Beggar’s chicken” (叫化鸡): Frog Leg w/ lotus leaf salt, golden needle braised carrot, charred bamboo shoot.
  6. Iberico 36 w/ morel, vermicelli, onion foam.
  7. Grouper w/ “Yun nam” (雲南) ham, winter melon, shiitake mushroom.
  8. Molecular: “Xiao long bao” (小籠包).
  9. “Yak and Mac”: “cheung fun” (腸粉) w/ yak cheese.
  10. Nitro: “Tai kut” (大桔).
  11. Sweetbread w/ oyster, lettuce, artichoke.
  12. Suckling Pig w/ sugar snap peas risotto.
  13. Blue Cheese w/ longan syrup, lotus seed, lotus root, coconut jelly.
  14. Almond w/ sandalwood, sichuan strawberry, maple syrup.
  15. “Lin go” (年糕) icecream, water chestnut pudding.
  16. Chinese petit fours.

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