Sydney, Australia

  • Strawberry, Guava and Custard apple ‘Snow Egg’
  • Poached Murray cod, with hasuimo, periwinkles, oyster cream, white turnips, winter melon, hops purée and gerkin shoots
  • Five textures of Southern Rock lobster (custard, consommé, tapioca dumpling, poached, ‘velvet’)
  • Poached Western Australian marron, with seaweed jelly, cucumber, fennel, samphire, lime crème fraiche
  • Roasted South Australian Suffolk lamb, with heirloom baby carrots, Arbequina olives, nasturtiums, capers, calendula marigolds, sheep’s milk fromage
  • ‘Sea Pearls’ (tuna & caviar, smoked eel & egg white, tapioca & crab, dashi & octopus, scallop)

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