Ocean Room

Sydney, Australia

  • Oysters: Foster rock, Port Stephen rock, Coffin Bay Pacific
  • Abalone
  • Sushi and sashimi platter
  • “Chirashi sushi”
  • Ocean’s Eleven (tuna with soy & truffle, tuna & shanghai sauce, kingfish & mustard vinaigrette, ocean trout & rice wine vinegar, ocean trout with lime & olive oil, rock oyster & sea water jelly, scallop & sour plum vinaigrette, bar cod with black salt & lime, crystal prawn & sake, cuttlefish with finger lime & crystal salt, trevally & ponzu)
  • Bangbangji chicken, Anchovy and Tomato sorbet, Wasabi prawn, Calamari pops, Soft shell (Crab) taco

One Response to “Ocean Room”

  1. Anthony Bosco Says:

    This looks fantastic! Beautifully presented sushi and sashimi. And everything looks super fresh. Definitely got to come down and check this place out with you guys.

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